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Hedge Fund Services
Fund of Hedge Fund Services
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Financial Accounting and Reporting

Epitome provides customized finance and accounting services. Our expertise lies in accounting and tax process outstourcing solutions. We provide a complete range of services encompassing accounts payable/receivable, asset accounting, billings, cash application, cash disbursements, reconciliations, credit authorisation, financial analysis and reporting, freight bill auditing and payment, inventory and cost accounting, payroll, pension accounting, records management, regulatory compliance, stock option accounting and tax compliance.

Fund Services
Epitome’s fund services business is customized based on our client’s needs. We first seek to understand the fund’s strategy and the fund manager’s goals and expectations of our services. Our solutions are targeted to address the very specific needs. We provide middle and back office operations, fund accounting, investor services and hedge fund analytics services. We have also performed advisory and consulting services to sizeable startup hedge funds that require an operational infrastructure set up across the front, middle and back office.
Hedge Fund Services
Fund of Hedge Fund Services
Middle and Back Office Partnership with Hedge Fund Administrators and Prime Brokers
Hedge Fund Services
Epitome’s hedge fund service is targeted at mid- and large-sized hedge funds with a variety of strategies. Over the years, we have developed experience in delivering accounting and administration services to hedge funds. We cover an extensive range of instruments from exchange-traded to OTC  derivative instruments. We at Epitome continuously work on learning new products in order to meet challenges posed by introduction of new products in the hedge fund portfolios and developing in-house proprietary valuation models for products such as credit default swaps and interest rate swaps. We can tie-up with an administrator located in offshore locations for Registered Office and Fiduciary Services.
Middle and Back Office Services
Trade capture and Validation
Transaction processing
Income and expense accruals
  Daily market pricing
Real-time processing of wire instructions
Daily profit & loss computation
Daily position reporting
Fund accounting
Monthly closing, income and expense accruals
Calculation of performance and management fees
Pricing and valuation of month end portfolio
Calculation of Monthly NAV
Maintenance of fund accounting books and records
Preparation of monthly financial statements
Preparation of monthly gains/losses reports
Calculation of fund and investor performance
Audit assistance
Preparation of Investor reports, statements and capital reports
Transfer agency and shareholder services
US tax processing, including preparing information relevant to tax filings such as K-1s and 1065
AML checks and tracking of KYC documentation
Investor Communication
Customized reporting
Fund of Hedge Fund Services
Our suite of services for the FoF industry encompasses the entire range of middle and back office activities. We act as an extension to our client thereby allowing them to focus on core activities like investor acquisition, trading and making investment decisions. We have a proven track record and robust processes along with experienced staff.  Our services have brought quantifiable benefits to our FoF client processes, helping them mitigate risk and ensuring process stability and an increased return on investment.
Trade Capture and processing
Trade / position reconciliation
Cash / Collateral reconciliation
Performance data gathering
Corporate action processing
  Net asset value computation
Preparation of financial statements
Performance Measurement
IRR calculation and comparison against benchmarks
  Assessment of portfolio liquidity position
Compilation of leverage across portfolio
Performance Attribution
Manager and counter party concentration
Monthly summary performance reporting
Investor Services
Processing of redemption and subscription requests
  Partnership accounting
Investor Reporting
Investment Due Diligence
Analysis of qualitative information provided by hedge fund manager
Collection and analysis of Manager background information
Quantitative analysis of hedge funds past performance
Assessment and compilation of public information
Investment and Risk Analytics
Quantitative analysis of hedge funds performance
  Assessment of HF manager letter to investors
Analysis of manager risk report
Analysis of audited financial statement
Assessment of changes in PPM and subscription documents
Assessment and compilation of public information
Middle and Back Office Partnership with Hedge Fund Administrators and Prime Brokers
With our proven track record in providing middle and back office operational support to our clients with an AUM of approximately 7 billion USD, we are in a position to address the needs of Hedge Fund Administrators and Prime Brokers. Epitome partners with you by providing its operational expertise, a sound transition management plan to leverage the cost advantage and provide scalability to your operation without sacrificing quality. Partnering with Epitome offers you significant cost savings of more than 50% and a significant time zone benefit. We would use your technology platform, but can also work with you to develop a flexible, scalable platform that suits your purpose. Epitome’s process-driven approach makes client processes people independent and repeatable.
Trade Support and Reconciliation
Trade Capture and processing
  Trade / position reconciliation
Cash / Collateral reconciliation
Swap reconciliation
Securities master maintenance
Corporate action processing
OTC derivative documentation and confirmation support
Investor Services
Maintenance of Shareholders’ register
Handling investor documentation
Compliance to investor eligibility norms
Perform certain anti money laundering checks
Subscription and redemption processing
Investor query handling
Investor communication
Transmission of offering memorandum
Fund Accounting
Accounting / Maintenance of transaction history
Pricing and valuation of Portfolio
Income and expense booking
Performance equalization
Investor accounting
  NAV computation and reporting
Performance Reporting
Preparation of the Fund’s financial statements