Epitome offers Performance Analytics to HF and FoHF managers

Mumbai, INDIA - February 26, 2010 (Albourne)

Epitome now offers a comprehensive range of performance analytics that include statistical analysis covering Standard Deviation, Sharpe Ratio, ness, Kurtosis, Sortino, Calmar Ratio of the fund compared with that of such ratios for the benchmarks. Epitome’s reporting on risk analysis now ranges from Annualized Alpha, Beta, T-Stat, R Squared, Active Premium, Tracking Error, Information Ratio, Up Capture, Down Capture, Treynor ratio to Jensen Alpha. The analysis on Drawdowns provide information on Maximum Drawdown (MDD), Months in MDD, Months To Recover, as well as a commentary on the drawdown analysis.

About Epitome Global Services

Epitome Global Services is a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry with expertise in providing specialized, high value services to hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, fund administrators, and related businesses. Clients include leading names in asset management, securities, and allied sectors.